Fighting a cold while caring for your 11-month-old

So I have been sick since December 26.  Day after Christmas, and I wake up feeling tightness just below my throat.  Oh boy…I run to Walgreen’s, describe the coming symptoms to the pharmacist, and she recommends Mucinex Chest decongestant.  I start taking it, double doses of vitamins, and drinking water and Herbal Tussin Tea like crazy.  Fevers on and off for three days now, can’t sleep because I am coughing so much at night, and all I can think about is “How to I prevent my son from getting this???”  I spray Lysol everywhere.  I wash my hands so much, my fingers and knuckles are cracked and bleeding.  I cough inside my shirt.  Yup, covering my mouth, with the fabric, coughing into my shoulder.  I am praying for the Lord to protect my son’s health.

And Zander’s energy is through the roof!  He’s cruising everywhere, so on the verge of taking his first steps.  He’s climbing everything, standing on top of everything, and getting BEHIND everything.  We are on the go whenever he is awake!  So I read to him some Bible verses today and began the eighteen year (and beyond) process of teaching him what “honoring your father and mother” means, and what it looks like.  We also “talked” about what it does not look like.  I am sure I will repeat this lesson with him at least 500,000 times over the next 5 years, let alone over my life time.

And I love every minute of it.  I am dragging, coughing up a storm, drinking water and flushing my system every 15 minutes.  He laughs, smiles, claps, shouts, cries, fights his naps like nothing is wrong.  He is an amazing child.  Though I did take him to the doctor today, it was for something completely different than a cold.  Thankfully, everything should be fine there, and the treatment is easy.  So we head home, completely bypassing Convenient Care.  Should I have stopped in for myself?  Probably.  They say a cold lasts for 7-10 days anyway, and we are on day 3.  I have an appointment scheduled for the 7th as it is, and if my cough doesn’t clear up by Thursday, I can always go to Convenient Care later, right?  Or even tomorrow, if I don’t sleep again.

We would definitely appreciate prayers for health:  First, to protect Zander.  Second, that I would recover quickly.  Thanks in advance!


2 thoughts on “Fighting a cold while caring for your 11-month-old

  1. Go in! I’ve had a fever and cough since Christmas Day… even while on antibiotics. Went to urgent care the Saturday before Christmas and finally went to my own doctor today. I have bronchitis, an ear infection and likely a viral infection too. They finally pulled out the big guns and I’m already starting to feel a bit better. A friend had the same issues but waited to go back to her doc the second time and now has viral pneumonia. She encouraged me to go back today. As mothers, it is just as important to take care of ourselves 🙂

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