Do I even dare to make some resolutions?

So, I am not sure if I should make the dreaded list or not.  I know I need to set some goals, so I will at least do that.

For the month of January, my goal is to sit down with my husband and create a budget we can stick to. 

Each month, I think we should sit down and revisit that budget.  🙂  Yeah, that’s a great idea!

Overall, my health.  Yes, I have to make some confessions.  I don’t like checking my blood sugar.  It is so freaking annoying!  As Paul would day, it is the thorn in my side.  (2 Cor 12 is one of my favorite chapters in scripture).  I WILL check my blood sugar a MINIMUM of FOUR times a day.  Please, text me, email me, message me and ask me my numbers from the day before! 

Along with CHECKING, I will RECORD my blood sugar numbers!  There is an amazing free app I found for my smart phone.  I need to USE it!  Then I can respond to your messages by connecting you to my app and magically sending you those numbers!

I need to MOVE!  WALK!  DO SOMETHING!  Zander is almost walking.  I need to keep up with him.  I want to do things with him.  So, for at least 15 minute spurts 2-3 times a day, I want to chase him around the house.  That sounds like fun for both of us!  When the weather gets warmer, and he gets more steady on his feet, we will come up with more ideas, though I am open to suggestion from my readers.

Through better monitoring of my sugar levels and increase in activity levels, I hope to see inches disappear and clothes fit better.  Ultimate goal:  Size 10.  That’s FOUR SIZES down from where I am now!  I have no time limit, but I think it is reasonable to be at least 3 sizes down by a year from now.  Notice I am setting SIZE goal rather than a weight goal.  I found a free weight and inches tracking chart online.  I wonder what my weight will be when I get down to a size 10… 🙂

Any encouragement, scripture references, resources any of you have, please, feel free to share in the comments!  Let’s build each other up and encourage health and commitment this year! (I’d also appreciate any coupon and money-saving/budgeting tips as well!  On Swagbucks, so I need to utilize that more!  Other suggestions???)


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