Not exactly how I envisioned my new year’s eve…

So this is my first new year’s eve as a mom.  We have been planning for a couple of weeks to do something simple here at home, Turns out my simple is blogging here from bed.  Yup.  That post I made yesterday about being sick and having a super energetic 11-month old?  I went to Convenient Care (walk-in care, really) today around 9, and didn’t get home til about 11:30.  Good news is my fever officially broke!  I don’t have Influenza A!  Bad news is I have pneumonia.  How do I rest and get better and NOT get my son sick!?!?

I am taking all my medications.  Being Type 1 diabetic, this is challenging because one of my meds is a steroid.  Bad for blood sugars.  But, checking my numbers a few more times is doable.  So is taking a little extra insulin.  I can feel everything working!  The crackling of loosening gunk is so weird…but enough of that.

The doctor tolImaged me to wear a face mask around my son.  He keeps trying to pull it off!  I also forgot to ask for how long (how many days) do I need to wear the mask?  How long am I contagious?  And do I ever feel guilty!  I’ve been in contact with so many people.  I mean, I wash my hands like crazy, cough into my shoulder/shirt, spray lysol, keep hand sanitizer on me at all times, but I know I can only prevent some of the germs from getting out there…and was I contagious before I got “sick?”  If so, I feel even worse!  Hopefully, God willing, everyone will be ok.  Please, pray for the health of my family and friends I saw on Christmas!  I became physically ill only the day after! 

But all this isn’t the point.  I think the meds distract me…

Any other diabetics out there with blood sugar advise while taking prednizone?  Any other moms successfully fight infections and illnesses WITHOUT their children catching it too?  Anyone know how long I have to wear this silly face mask???

So I hope all my readers have a blessed evening ringing in the new year!  Celebrate your health!  Reflect on the past and dream of the future.  My only resolution at this moment is to defeat Pneumonia!  I’ll think about the rest later.  And here’s to an adventurous and healthy 2014!


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