When the 11-month old gets sick on the coldest day of the year…

Well, he got it.  Zander came down with the cold.  Highest temp has still been only 99F, so I am not too concerned.  He’s got a good cough (productive, so that’s good, right?).  He has a runny nose.  We have the humidifier in his room with a few drops of Sol-U-Mel in it (thanks to my mom!), and we are using the amazing but disgusting Nose Frida to help keep his sinuses clear.  I don’t know how to do a saline mist for him, but that has been recommended by a number of people.  He’s eating his solid food and drinking his diluted apple juice, and even water!  Only thing he is not doing is drinking his formula.  But, he’s hydrated, he pees, we’re good.  I really don’t want to leave the house today to do to Convenient Care, because I feel like it will be safer to just keep him here.  Too cold outside!  When Alaska is 40 degrees WARMER than where I live, I am staying HOME! 

So please, pray for my little man.  Pray this cold passes quickly, that he has no fever, and that he stays hydrated.  He likes steamy showers/baths, so we’re doing that 1-2 times a day too.  He is so cuddly when he’s sick too!  I miss baby snuggles.  At the moment, he is fighting a nap with his droopy eyes and runny nose…and humming and blowing raspberries.  He so has trumpet lips…how young is too young to start lessons?  😉

Thanks for the prayers!  And as a first-time-mom, any common sense home remedies my lack-of-common-sense brain needs to know?  Comment away!


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