So I had a physical today, and got my prescriptions renewed.  Honestly, I am not that impressed with my new doctor.  But…that’s not the point of this blog.

I have been taking insulin since at least 1987.  So I get new prescriptions for my insulin, and Walgreen’s tells me there is an issue with filling the script for my Humalog.  Not the Lantus pens, those will fill just fine.  But the Humalog Pens won’t, because I have to go through step-therapy first.  That’s right, back to the vial and syringe, draw it up, then inject it.  Then work my way up to the pen.  So you’ll cover one pen but not the other???

Maybe the brand is the issue?  So I just called to ask if NovoLog will be an option.  Will my insurance cover this pen instead?  Who knows?  I am waiting to hear back.  If I need to use a 100cc syringe to take 2-10 units of insulin 6 times a day, I am NOT going to be happy.

I am already frustrated that even with insurance, it is impossibly expensive to be on an insulin pump, the treatment I would much prefer to taking injections.  Will any of this change in light of the Affordable Care Act?  Who knows?  We will wait and see.  I am just super excited that pre-existing conditions will be covered!

Diabetes is hard.  I guess that is why I am so burned out on it, huh?  It is expensive, annoying, frustrating, time-consuming…

The thorns in my flesh are figurative and literal.  This is hard.  It is doable, but it is hard.  I pray for a cure.

Then the conspiracy theories build up.  Think about it.  Our medical industry is FOR PROFIT.  What disease is more profitable than diabetes?  Long-term treatments, regular doctor’s appointments with a variety of specialists…it is a joke.  Should a cure be found, how expensive would it have to be to replace the test-strips, glucose monitors, syringes, pen-caps, insulin, pills, insulin pumps, etc.?  Not going to happen.

Help!  I am drowning in burn-out and frustration!  Buying healthy-enough food to help make me healthier even seems too much to handle…

Why is this so hard and so expensive?  I need a support group.  Who else is in the Champaign-Urbana area and wants to meet up?

On the plus side, I meet my new endocrinologist next month…maybe she has a support group option?  If not, I am going to ask if we can start one.  Yes.  This is a necessity.  This WILL happen.


3 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Kara.. you know I understand with two of us being diabetic the frustration is time consuming also, every time something looks promising as new help or treatment it fails or is so darn expensive no one can afford it. I as well hope and pray that something will be done to make this more affordable. I had always hoped they would find a cure at least in Stevens time, as I know it will probably never happen in mine. We can only keep the faith. It is hard and frustrating. I hope you find the support in your area to help you.


  2. While we don’t have something as severe as diabetes I get similar feeling about all the food allergies we are working around. It is so easy to get burnt out!

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