Numbers don’t define me (Reflections on Made to Crave and Diabetes Burnout)

Took me long enough to finish two more chapters!  So here I am reflecting on what I read.

Made to Crave chapter 7 is about the numbers on the scale.  Lysa wrote about how we are not defined by our weight (and I also saw I am not defined by my blood sugar levels), but by our Creator.  I am a daughter of the King of kings!  The numbers on the scale mean little except as a gauge to make healthy choices or not.  Same for my blood glucose readings.  It is simply information.  I am not “good” or “bad” because of what I see on the screen of my scale or my glucose machine.  It simply tells me what I can do differently or keep doing the same.

So often, when we start a “diet,” we don’t see the pounds melt away.  In fact, sometimes they increase!  Especially if we have been exercising, we don’t realize that muscle cells weigh more than fat cells, even though they take up less space in our bodies.  Now, I haven’t started exercising on a regular basis (yet), but that leads me to Chapter 8 of Diabetes Burnout.

Yes, it is about choosing to exercise.  There are so many reasons NOT to exercise, and it has always been hard for me to choose to be active.  As a child, my mother had to practically PUSH me out of the house to go play.  I much preferred to curl up with a book (Nancy Drew up until I was 7 or 8, and then Agatha Christie beyond that) than to go run around or ride my bike.  I didn’t really have a lot of close friends until after 6th grade.  More recently, I had been taking dance lessons (East Coast Swing and then some Salsa/Meringue), but haven’t been out dancing since we moved to Champaign last August.  I enjoy riding my bicycle now, but I sold it when we moved (Why did I DO that???).  When the warmer weather gets here, I can take my son in his stroller for walks around the neighborhood.  I’ll be honest though, my knee has been bothering me A LOT.  I know once I lose some of this extra weight it will not hurt as badly, but getting to that point is the challenge.

I know exercising will benefit my glucose levels and my A1C level as well.  It will improve my moods and my energy level.  I know all this.  And yet, I still choose not to move.  One thing I am trying to do each day is clean something in my house.  This week, I did the office, my bedroom, and the garage.  Daily, I pick up my son’s toys and do dishes.  Sometimes I do this multiple times a day.

Slowly, I am making changes.  I have checked my glucose level more this week than I have the last 3 months combined!  I am drinking more water and herbal tea.  I started taking Skinny Fiber to help control my hunger levels (and it is helping!).  I’ve lost 5 pounds since the 26th of December!  I’ll be checking for inches lost later this month.  My family and I are trying to eat healthier and to do more home-cooked meals rather than eating out.  These are strides in the right direction.  I haven’t been perfect in this (there is a donut shop RIGHT down the street…), but that does not define me.  Moderation is key.  Accountability is so helpful!  And my husband is so supportive!  He is such a blessing to me!

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