Diabetes Burnout: My Plan of Attack

So this morning I worked on my plan for overcoming burnout.  I would like to outline that plan here for you all.  Please, feel free to check in on me and help me stay accountable!


Worksheet #1:  Monitoring my glucose levels.

This is the source of my burnout.  It is expensive, annoying, inconvenient.  It makes me feel bad when my numbers are inexplicably too high or too low.  Life is busy, and I forget my meter way too often (or a back-up supply of test strips).  So what is my plan here?

A.  Plan my glucose monitoring times:

  • When I wake up and prior to getting Zander out of his crib, I will check my glucose level.
  • Prior to lunch and dinner, I will check my glucose level.
  • Prior to going to bed, I will check my glucose level.
  • I will put my glucose monitor in the bathroom at that point so that I may check again if I get up in the middle of the night

B.  I will record my glucose levels into my app on my smart phone once a day, before bed.

C.  I will look for patterns weekly.

Worksheet #2:  Aerobic Exercise

This is also a source of burnout for me.  I have confessed before, playing outside and/or exercising has never been my cup of tea.  I prefer reading, writing, watching Poirot and other mystery shows.  And I know I need to make some changes.  Activity will help me with my glucose levels, and will help me keep up with my son!  He’ll be walking any day now…

So here is my plan, especially once the weather warms up:

  • I will take Zander for a walk around the neighborhood 2-3 times a week.
  • I will actively play with Zander on the floor daily.
  • I will park my car at the back of the parking lots when I go grocery shopping.

This will be modified as my endurance picks up.

Worksheet #3:  Meal Planning

This is something we have been working on for a few months already.  Jan, my sis-in-law, is great at this!  I am learning much from her in terms of planning ahead, defrosting things from the freezer, utilizing leftovers, etc.  We are already choosing healthier meals with less gluten, and thus a few less carbs overall.  As frugally as possible, we are purchasing more salad supplies, vegetables, and less-fatty meats.  I am attempting to eat breakfast most mornings, and take my vitamins.  We are trying to do smaller portions so we have more leftovers to work with overall.  Good stuff!  One thing I need to work on is snacking less.  I tend to have too big a snack or too many snacks.


Well, that’s it for now!  I see my new ophthalmologist on Monday next week, and my new endocrinologist on February 6th.  I hope to see a change in my A1C by then also!  Checking my glucose levels tends to help with that overall.  😉


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