New Year, New Me…not really, its just a timing thing.

This is the time of year to do healthy things, right?  Truth be told, I have been building up to this for a while.  I have known for years that I suffer with diabetes burnout, I struggle with depression because of that and other issues, and I have always struggled with my weight and self-image.  I’ve been trying to read Diabetes Burnout for almost a year now.  When my husband gave me a Nook for Christmas, I decided to buckle down and do it.  Then I found Made to Crave also.  That’s why I am a chapter off in my reflections.  🙂

I had been debating since September to start taking Skinny Fiber to help with my hunger levels.  I eat.  I eat a lot.  I am an emotional eater.  So, I need to curb my appetite and fill my stomach with something else.  This seemed reasonable enough, its cheaper than a lot of other products, and its all natural.  What is stopping me?  So I did it.  I am just over a week into it.

My husband and I took our second round of measurements last night.  Every other week, I am stepping on the scale in the morning, and measuring my neck, biceps, chest, waist, hips and thighs in the evening.  So far, just by checking my blood sugars and adjusting my insulin, eating less fattening food and taking my skinny fiber, I am down 6 pounds and 1.5 inches.  I am super excited about the inches, because it all came off my hips and waist!  Awesome!

I am trying to not set a weight goal.  I have set a size goal instead.  I want to see how I feel when I get down to a size 12, and possibly go for a size 10.  I started with squeezing into my size 16 pants.  Six pounds is enough to not squeeze any more, so I like that.

I am still checking my glucose more than I was, but not quite as frequently as I would like.  Its a work in progress.  Already, I am feeling more confident about successful diabetes management, and I look forward to seeing my A1C level on February 6th.  I have a feeling it will be dropping from the 8.8 a week ago.  Yup.  8.8.  It WILL NOT rise any further.  That is the cap.  My goal:  over the next 3 months, see that drop to 7 or better.

My plan remains to check glucose levels a minimum of 4 times a day, to park my car as far away from entrances as possible (except at work where I have to load and unload the activity tubs…that’s work out enough!), and play with my son.  When the thaw comes, we’ll go walking.  Maybe, just maybe, I will work up the courage to try the elliptical machine my husband found on freecycle.  I love that site!

Sunday begins the Made to Crave online Bible study.

This journey to health is more than just physical.  It is a spiritual journey as well.  This body is a temple, and I have not been treating it as such.  I have been neglecting it.  The walls are crumbling, the foundation weak.  I am starting with the spiritual foundation and working up from there.  Lord, help me!  May your Spirit cultivate the fruit of Self-Control in my life, and may the evidence be undeniable!


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