Day 2: M2C Online Bible Study, #CraveGod

Today’s assignment was to answer the reflection questions from Chapter 1.  So, I figure each day I answer these questions, I should post them.  Try to answer them for yourself as well!

Made to Crave Reflection Questions, Chapter 1

If I could personify craving based on my experience of it, what form might it take?

  • I’d say the personification of my cravings for food, for living without diabetes, for anything in my life would be like a little mini-person sitting on my shoulder or just inside my ear whispering to me, “Its ok, you can eat that.  Just a few bites won’t hurt you.  Look, there’s leftovers!  You can have some more!  Just take some more insulin!”  Or “You know your body well enough you don’t need to check your glucose levels.  You feel fine!  Just take your usual dose of insulin.”


If I could sit down and have a conversation with this imaginary craving, what do I think it might say to me.  What questions would I want to ask it?  How do I imagine it might respond?

  • I think I answerd the conversation piece in Question #1.  J  But, for questions I ask it:  Where did you get your expertise? (Um…I learned it in school….moderation is for wimps…)  Why do I listen to you? (Um, because I have been talking to you for years and you are used to me?)  I think I am starting to doubt that little voice, and this is a good thing.  I need to start flicking this little being off my shoulder or use a Q-Tip to get it out of my ear each morning.


How do I respond to the idea that God made us to crave?  Have I ever pursued a craving that made a positive contribution to my life?  What do I think distinguishes that kind of craving from the craving that leads me to eat in unhealthy ways?

  • The idea that God made us to crave, made us beings of desire, makes sense to me.  And the idea that Satan plays with that part of us makes sense as well.  The best I have ever felt about my self-worth, my value as a human being, are those times when I immerse myself in Bible Study and acts of worship.  I know I still need to be healthy and exercise and treat my body as the Temple the Lord has created it to be, but times in His Word really shed light on my purpose to glorify God in all that I do.
  • I have had plenty of instances of pursuing cravings that are NEGATIVE in my life too.  All-consuming, getting-in-the-way of responsibilities type cravings…so the cravings I need to choose to feed are those that bring me closer to God, help me keep up with my regular responsibilities, and are nourishing not only to my spirit, but my body, my mind, and to those around me.  Feeding my body the spiritual nourishment it needs will help me feed it the physical nourishment and prepare me to be a blessing for those around me.


If it is true that we are made to crave, how might it change the way I understand my cravings?  Do I believe there could be any benefits to listening to my cravings rather than trying to silence them?  If so, what might those benefits be?

  • Question my cravings.  What am I desiring in the moment?  Is that a healthy desire, or an unhealthy desire?  A craving for chocolate-peanut butter ice cream is NOT healthy, so what could I eat, drink, or do that can fill that desire and refocus my body and spirit?  Why am I desiring the bad things?  Question everything.
  • When my desires for sweets and food increase, it is a sign that there is increasing stress in my life.  Address the source of stress first.  Then celebrate later with a treat if still desired.


The Bible describes three ways Satan tries to lure us away from loving God:  cravings, lust of the eyes, and boasting (1 John 2:15-16).  Lysa explains how Satan used these tactics with both Eve and Jesus (pages 22-23).  Using the list below, think back over the last 24 hours or the last few days to see if you recognize how I may have been tempted in similar ways:

Cravings:  meeting physical desires outside the will of God.  In what ways was I tempted by desires for things such as food, alcohol, drugs or sex?

  • Oh, when I am bored, I eat.  When I am stressed, I eat.  When I am overly emotional, I eat.  So, I know in those moments, I need to turn to the Lord instead of to food.

Lust of the eyes:  meeting material desires outside the will of God.  In what ways was I tempted by desires for material things—clothing, financial portfolio, appliances, vacation plans, cosmetics, home décor, electronics, etc.

  •  Oh, the curse of bad finances!  I desire new music, new books, new clothes, toys and clothes for my son, to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant!  Alas, it is unaffordable at the moment.

Boasting:  meeting needs for significance outside the will of God.  In what ways was I tempted by desires to prop up my significance—perhaps by name dropping, exaggerating, feigning humility or other virtues, doing something just because you knew it would be observed by others, etc.?

  • Good question.  Writing weekly devotions for the kids?  Blogging?  Am I just seeking attention???

Of the three kinds of temptations, which is the most difficult for me to resist?  Which is the easiest to resist?  Why?

  • Cravings.  It is so easy to give into the food temptations and the lack of motivation to take care of my health.  Too long a bad habit…


Jesus quotes the truth of Scripture to defeat temptation.  Have I ever used Scripture in this way?  What was the result?  How do I feel about the idea of using this approach to address my unhealthy eating patterns (or unhealthy lifestyle patterns, or diabetes management)?

  • Oh yes!  I quote 2 Cor 12:9 A LOT!  Quoting scripture brings peace, confidence that this is not me fighting, but the Lord giving strength along the way.  I recite Psalm 139 to myself multiple times to remind myself that I have worth.  I think I need to do this more often, in more areas of my life!

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