Made to Crave Bible Study, week 1 thoughts

So I couldn’t decide which “Blog hop” topic to write about, so I wrote about them all.  I posted My reflections on Psalm 84:2 separately, as that’s what I decided to share on the blog hop page.  But, I thought I would answer the other three questions as well.  So here they are!


  • #Empowered ~ How does this week’s word empower you?
    • I am #Empowered by the fact that I am not alone in this journey!  Thank you, Lord, for the strength You bring!  Thank you for my fellow sisters embarking on this journey with me!  May we all encourage and uplift each other in prayer.


  • Permissible But Not Beneficial ~ Just because something is permissible doesn’t mean it is beneficial to us.  Share a personal example.
    • Oh, this hits me hard.  A little sugar is permissible for a type 1 diabetic, but is it beneficial?  Oh far from it!  “I can just take some extra insulin” is my go-to phrase.  I need to learn that yes, it is permissible, and I still need to adhere to moderation.  That is the key here:  moderation.  I can’t imagine cutting treats out 100%; however, I can see myself limiting them to once a week or to special occasions.  This is something I need to continue to pray about.


  • A Raging Battle ~ Food isn’t the only thing that tempts to destroy our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  What other things do you currently crave more than God?
    • Um, I have an addiction to Netflix.  I like to pick a TV show/series, and watch it in its entirety.  While I am typing this, I am watching “Poirot” and loving it!  Yes, I have an addiction to crime shows.  My husband can vouch for this.  To combat this addiction, I have started to wake up early, and am doing my reading and reflection questions in the quiet of the morning before my son awakens for the day.   This decision is also helping my addiction to sleep.  I love my bed.  I love my blankets.  I love to curl up in bed and sleep as much as possible, as late as possible.  Lately, that’s been anywhere from 8-9 a.m. because of Zander.  So my alarm goes off at 6:30 now.  Hmmm…now to get to bed earlier…
    • Confession:  I woke up at 7:00 today  🙂

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