Chapter 4 reflection questions: Made To Crave

Chapter 4:

  1.  When a friend experiences success with healthy food choices and losing weight, do you feel encouraged and inspired by her example, or do you feel discouraged and envious?  Do you communicate your feelings to your friend or keep them to yourself?
  • At times, I feel a little of both.  I celebrate with my friends’ accomplishments, and know they would and will celebrate with me!  And, then in my laziness, I get envious that they had the motivation to get up and do something.  I fight this so much!  It would be so nice to just hook up to a machine for an hour, get the fat sucked right out, and be on my way.  But what good would that do, as my habits would just bring it all back?  No, we have to start at ground zero and build up to overall success.  So to my friends who have been successful on the journey thus far, congratulations!  You pour into the motivation of many!  Keep up the great work!  Thank you for sharing your wisdom, struggles, accomplishments, and battle stories along the way.  I love you for that and so much more!

2.  I do not want to invite a friend to help me on my journey to healthy eating because increased accountability means I actually have to do this.  Yeah, I am that person…

  • I DO want to invite a friend to help me on my journey to healthy eating because increased accountability means I actually have to do this.
  •  I know, I know…it is a double-edged sword.  I need the accountability, and yet, I dread it too.  I dread facing failure.  Ultimately, I think I am harder on myself than a friend would be though.  Failure and success has no impact on my identity in Christ.  I have to remind myself of that.  Too often, I think perfection is something I must attain.  Only Jesus is perfect.  All of us fall short of the glory of God, and the punishment for sin is death.  And yet, Christ died for each of us, so that we may be cleansed of our sin.  He alone gives us strength for this journey.

3. If accountability is crucial, what is the biggest challenge you face in making accountability part of your healthy eating plan?

  • I think my biggest challenge is over-judging myself.  When I fall, I hide it so that I don’t have to face the judgment.  But, I judge myself more harshly than anyone else would.

4. If you were to imagine a life-giving experience of accountability, one that empowers you and helps you to feel companioned rather than alone in your struggles, how would you describe that experience?  What kind of person would you want to be accountable to?  What do you hope this person would do for you?  What do you hope they would NOT do?  How would you determine whether or not the relationship is providing effective accountability?

  • An empowering accountability partner is one who reaches out a hand to lift me up, helps dust the dirt off my back, and says, “Let’s get up and go again!  WE can do this!”  This person shows me that I am not alone, that even when I mess up, we will start up again and press on.  It is someone who won’t let me give up.  I do hope I can still sleep in once and a while, though.  😉  Talking down to me, blaming me, judging me is not going to be effective.  So, to measure effectiveness, I would be checking my motivation levels, my self-worth levels, and my energy levels.  When depression sets in, when negativity sets in, all of those levels are way too low.  Effective accountability will help  me maintain balance.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 4 reflection questions: Made To Crave

  1. So much to consider in this chapter. Depending on my frame of mind at the moment, I could be happy/ready or jealous/unsure. Great read!

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