Reflecting on my reading: Chapter 15 Diabetes Burnout, Chapter 14 Made To Crave

In Diabetes Burnout Chapter 15, we read about working with our healthcare team.  I am in the midst of rebuilding my healthcare team, since we moved three hours south of where I had been going.  I am sad about that, because I had a great team!  So far, I like my new Ophthalmologist, though I had been seeing Dr. Kekish since I was 12!  I’ll miss her terribly!  I miss Dr. Karas, my endocrinologist, as well.  My new endocrinologist I meet February 6th, so we will see how that goes. I’ll get to put into practice what I read in Chapter 15!  🙂

I’ll be writing an outline of what I want to cover in my appointment, as suggested by the author of Diabetes Burnout.  Here is the generic framework, as outlined on page 168.  I am also filling in my issues and questions.

Dear Doctor,

During our brief visit today, I would like to cover the following issues with you:

Information that I need to share with you:     I have been struggling with diabetes burnout for a while.  I was able to get my levels under control while pregnant, but have been struggling again since the birth of my son.  I am taking steps to address this, like reading Diabetes Burnout and seeking accountability in monitoring my glucose levels.  I noticed a series of overnight lows, so I backed 1 unit off each of my Lantus injections every 12 hours.  I am also looking for dietary suggestions as I am struggling with my weight and have been for years.

Significant Diabetes-related problems that I am facing:  My A1C level is too high right now (8.8 on January 8).  I struggle with glucose monitoring, and struggle even more with recording the data.  I am also being monitored for possible glaucoma.  My pressures are elevated, but I do have thick corneas.  The Ophthalmologist is running tests again in July at my next appointment.

Self-care solutions that I am considering (regarding the issues in B.):  I am working on monitoring my glucose levels better, and still need to work on recording my data.  I did find an app for my phone, and now need to enter the data. (The app I found is OnTrack Diabetes)

Questions I need answered:  What are your expectations of me, and what may I expect of you in this journey toward health?  What is a reasonable decrease of A1C levels?  What suggestions do you have in terms of recording glucose levels and fighting burnout?  Is there a support group in the area for Type 1 diabetics, or even diabetics in general?  If not, how can we go about starting one, or what other suggestions do you have for support and accountability?  How frequently do you do A1C checks?

Of course, I will share with you all my endocrinologist’s responses, so that you can help keep me accountable!

Another topic Polonsky covered was when to “fire” your physician.  When we have personality blends that just don’t blend (like oil and water), consider if there is anything we are contributing to the butting of heads, and if our physician is simply not meeting our needs nor bringing anything of value to the table.  We can expect our endocrinologist to be knowledgeable about diabetes and to offer reasonable treatment plans.  We need to be willing to either communicate our issues with the preferred treatment plan or communicate through a game plan to put the treatment plan into place.  We have to work together to achieve positive results.  If we are putting forth maximum communication and implementation and still not seeing results, there is a serious issue.  Pray about this, and seek wisdom from others.  If the consensus is to seek a new doctor, look for one.  But, keep up with self-care in the meantime.  🙂

Now, for Made to Crave:  Lysa walks us through Philippians 4:8 and how that helps her avoid the emotional lows that bring us to the pit of eating despair.  “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

When we find ourselves in our dark moments emotionally, cling to God’s Truth and good, pleasing memories.  I wrote earlier today about some of my baggage that I used for too long as part of my identity.  When the enemy brings those failures and tragedies back to the forefront, I have to fight them back with God’s truth.  God’s Word is the truth, honor, justice, purity, lovely, commendable, excellence upon which I need to focus.  The joyous memories with family and friends can greatly overpower the hurt, pain, and grief of my past struggles.  So, as you continue to read Made to Crave, if you are, start thinking about what brings you joy, what truth in God’s Word helps you OVERCOME your past and current struggles.



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