Met the new endocrinologist…

So I met my new endocrinologist.  She’s going to be ok, I think.  Of course, she encouraged me to continue the increase in monitoring my glucose levels and to push beyond the burnout.  She did acknowledge that burnout happens, and that we need to continue to work on overcoming it.  I shared with her that I just finished reading Diabetes Burnout, and she seems intrigued by the book.

She refilled my scripts, and gave me a new one for Glucagon.  Honestly, I have filled the script for that in the past, and NEVER had to use it.  My insurance doesn’t cover the full price of it, and it will cost me over $125 just to have this on hand until it expires 6 months from now.  Will I ever use it?  Doubtful.  The last black out incident was over 2 decades ago, and I came to before the ambulance even arrived.  Did I fill the script?  Heck no.  Should I?  Probably…Any other diabetics out there who keep Glucagon on hand?  Have you EVER had to use it????

She does want me to meet with the Diabetes Educator.  So I will.  My appt is in a couple weeks.  I asked about a support group too.  The dietician meets with a group on Tuesday nights, so I think I will look into that.  We’re pressing forward in the journey to health!


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