Chapter 15 Reflection Questions (Made to Crave)

Chapter 15 Reflection Questions:

Congratulations!  You’ve been chosen to participate in the latest reality TV show.  How much would your eating change if you knew that dozens of hidden cameras were strategically placed throughout your home, car, and workplace, recording everything you ate and broadcasting it live on a local cable channel?  Would your eating change a little or a lot if you knew that nothing you ate was secret?

I have a feeling it would change a lot.  The way our kitchen is arranged (small kitchen, so not much room to do otherwise), I have to walk past the refrigerator every time I enter and leave the kitchen.  So do you know what I do?  I open it.  Every. Stinkin’. Time.  Why?  I know what is in there!  I do all the grocery shopping!  I think I will print that graphic of the Got-To Scripts and hang it on the fridge door.  That might remind me of the “hidden camera” too. 

As Lysa was modifying her eating, she had to flee some temptations because her brokenness could not handle certain freedoms.  What areas of brokenness in your life aren’t yet capable of handling freedoms?  How do you typically respond to temptations in these areas?

Glucose testing.  I have to just do it.  No skipping.  No days off.  Just do it before every meal and before bed. I have to keep an eye on my cycle schedule too.  I guess my weakest days are the 2 days prior to and the week of my cycle, as I learned this week.  Also this week was harder to do my Bible study time in the morning because my son has decided to start waking up two hours early.  So…maybe I need to get up earlier now too.  Silly boy…

Other temptations I need to flee…sitting on the couch all day, putting off work, making better use of my time throughout the day, grocery shopping while hungry. 

When it comes to boundaries with food, it’s important to focus on what we can have rather than what we can’t have.  When you think of what you can have right now, for what three to five foods are you most grateful?  How might focusing on these foods are you most grateful?  How might focusing on these foods keep you from dwelling on the foods you can’t have right now?

Peanut butter, greek yogurt, strawberries, apples, tilapia, and almost any kind of vegetable!  Last night, I made Kale.  In a deep sauté pan, I put a splash of soy sauce, lemon juice, and olive oil.  Then I used my garlic press to freshly press a clove of garlic.  Heated up, put in the kale, stir and mix, cover, steam…oh so green and oh so tasty!  I had a big helping of that (2.5 cups is a serving size1).  I also baked tilapia with lemon juice and lemon pepper seasoning.  I LOVE it!  And asparagus with rice.  What an amazing meal! 

I do love to cook and bake, and have been exploring recipes that are easy to make, healthy, and delicious.  The other day, I chopped up a green pepper, mixed in a tomato, black beans, chili powder, and a can of tuna fish, sautéed it to make it just warm enough, and then ate it with a spoon.  It was amazing!  I could imagine the flavors with chicken and an onion as well, so this is a mixture I will continue to work with and modify.  I thought it would be great on a flour or corn tortilla as an alternative to the standard tuna salad.  It is fat free!!!!  No mayo!!!!  How cool is that????  Oh, and I ate the leftovers of that lunch for dinner, straight out of the fridge with a spoon.  It was great cold too.  😉

Lysa describes seven healthy boundaries that are helping her on her eating adventure.  For each of the boundaries listed below, place an X on the continuum to indicate whether the boundary feels more like a punishing restriction or a hedge of safety for you.


God has given me power over my food choices.  I hold the power, not the food.  So, if I’m not supposed to eat it, I won’t put it in my mouth.

This is so hard for me!  I have struggled with this since I was 6 and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  I used to sneak ho-hos at school.  Little Debbie is evil, I tell you!  Seriously, though, Zebra cakes and oatmeal pies in high school, then ice cream in college, candy bars and donuts now…Though I have been quite successful at resisting the urge to go down the street to the donut shop.  What I am finding, because I had such a restrictive diet at such an early age, it is easier for me to manage when I PLAN a day for a treat.  The key is to plan it.  If I don’t plan that day, I tend to splurge more frequently.  I need to be better about planning these treat days, and to plan for a moderate treat instead of a full-on blow up in my face treat.

I was made for more than being stuck in a vicious cycle of defeat.  I am not made to be a victim of my poor choices.  I was made to be a victorious child of God.

The other day I was craving a pizza.  And I ordered it.  And then I ate it.  And then I realized my weakness, wrote a blog post about it, my bitstrips cartoons that night showed a pizza chasing me, and I decided to leave that weak moment in the past.  It happens.  I don’t need to be stuck by that choice, and I have the opportunity to move on.  To move beyond the weakness, the fall, the poor choices is what victory is about.  Learning from mistakes is sometimes more rewarding than avoiding the mistakes altogether.  Sometimes is the key word there.  In the past, I have beaten myself up so much for falling to temptation.  This time, I am not broken.  Disappointed, yes.  Broken, no.  I took time to look at the situation, realize where the weakness was coming from, and am creating a plan to conquer hormones for next month.  That is victory to me.  Recognizing the patterns in my weaknesses, and addressing them so that I may continue to be victorious in staying on the path to health.

When I am struggling and considering a compromise, I will force myself to think past this moment and ask myself, “How will I feel about this choice tomorrow morning?”

This is something I need to do more often.  And more than just asking about tomorrow morning, but asking the question, “Do I really want to take another injection of insulin for this?  Is it worth it?”  I have that immediate impact that I face in addition to the size of my hips the next day. 

When faced with an overwhelming temptation, I will either remove the temptation or remove myself from the situation.

This is a possibility.  I have deleted the Amazon app from my phone so that I am not tempted to quickly shop for something.  I also deleted Candy Crush from my phone too.  Yeah, I am addicted.  Stupid colorful candy pieces…

I know I can’t always remove myself from a situation.  I feel like I would be a hermit if I did so.  But I can plan better for those situations.  Bring my water bottle with me and sip from it.  Set a limit for holiday treats, and then give myself little bits toward that limit throughout the day instead of all at once.  Utilize portion control.  And, if the weather is ok, I can go take a walk and then come back.

When I’m invited to a party or another special occasion rolls around, I can find ways to celebrate that don’t involve blowing my healthy eating plan.

I think what I described above will help with this as well.  Portion control, a set limit that I can slowly reach throughout the day, take a walk to burn some calories and then come back, keep my water bottle with me, keep a healthy snack in my purse (or the diaper bag…)

Struggling with my weight isn’t God’s mean curse for me.  Being overweight is an outside indication that internal changes are needed for my body to function properly and for me to feel well.

This is true.  And those changes go back decades now.  I am thankful that my husband is helping me make those changes by making those changes for himself too. 

I have these boundaries in place not for restriction but to define the parameters of my freedom.  My brokenness can’t handle more freedom than this right now.  And I’m good with that.

This is something I am learning.  More and more I am realizing that the commandments of the Lord, these parameters for healthy living, and the necessities of caring for my body with diabetes are all safeguards that help me maintain balance and protect my heart, soul, and body. 

Take a moment to review your responses.  What do they reveal about how your view boundaries?  Which boundary feels most like a restriction?  Is this something you’ve struggled with before?  What boundary feels most like safety?  How might you lean into this boundary to give you strength and confidence with the boundaries that might be harder for you to keep?

The most restrictive one for me is the first one.  I think I have an ok plan in place to help stay within the boundaries most days.  I am learning that too strict for me is a challenge, and just makes me want to break free.  So planning those excursions just outside the gate of “strict” will help me maintain focus on my overall goals.  None of these boundaries will be easy, and none of really feel safe.  And I am ok with that.  I need to adjust my time management so that I can plan more effectively.  That, for my success, will be key.


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