The Unintentional Missionary – 3 Things Jonah Wasn’t Expecting

Amen and Amen! Even when we are completely unaware of His works, He is AT WORK!

Journey of the Emissary

Normal Conversations, Unexpected OutcomesImage

My oldest sister was telling me at dinner tonight about a couple of unintentional encounters years ago where the conversations turned toward Jesus Christ:

*A high school partying buddy of hers – as they were driving around town in my sister’s Jeep, they unexpectedly began talking about Jesus.

*Her superior in the Air Force – My sister was stationed in Greenland, and upon arrival, quickly hit it off with her boss. Although she didn’t set out to share Christ with this guy, their conversations frequently revolved around Jesus Christ.

Years later, she found out that these conversations bore fruit. Her buddy from high school remembered her words in that Jeep ride, and now he takes his children to church each week to worship the Lord Jesus. Although her time in Greenland was cut short, those conversations had a deep impact on that man’s life. 

For me…

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