Fresh Snow

It is SNOWING!  Again.  But it is SO BEAUTIFUL!  I am looking out my window now, watching the big flakes majestically fall to the ground, adding a fresh, purified look to the dinginess of post-winter.  You know that look:  all the salt, dirt, deadness of the trees…

Soon, the buds will begin to form on the trees (except for our walnut tree, which is half-dead…).  The shoots of growth will emerge from beneath the thawed soil.  The scent of lilacs will fill the air.

But, until then, I will let the frosty fantasy bless my vision this morning.  Plus, the show is that  heavy snow good for snowballs…and a snowball fight with my husband.  It has been SO cold this winter, I have not taken Zander outside to play in the snow we have had thus far.  I think this morning, we will bust out the snow suit and explore.

Of course, I am reflecting on the spiritual reminders of snow as well:


The snow falling on the ground right now symbolizes the fresh snow that falls on my heart and soul through the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross at Calvary and the victory over death in the empty tomb!


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