So frustrating…

I have to say, I am getting fed up with political posts.  One side blames the other, and then that other side points the finger right back.  Why?  What is the point?

One man, one issue, even a series of issues, is NOT the main problem here.  The problem is more than one political official.  This is a systemic problem that has been developing for years!  I know I have issues with ALL the political parties right now.  There does not exist a party that fits my political views.  And you know what?  I am ok with that.  My God is still on His throne, and He is still in control.

But please, can we stop with all the negative stuff???  Can we start posting about the positives?

The current plan for healthcare reform may not be perfect, but can we acknowledge that healthcare NEEDED reform and this is really one of the first successful attempts at trying to make change???

Can we admit that even though things may not have the same effect as they did in the 1930’s, the work of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt has obviously influenced our current government during this last recession?

Again, things are not perfect.  And people are doing what they know how to do.  We need to make a lot of changes individually and collectively if we are going to have any chance at progressing forward.


OK.  I am done with my soap box statement now.


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