My first Easter as a “Pastor’s Wife”

This was a challenging week!  Very draining, but very fulfilling at the same time!

My husband and I stepped into a small church plant, and together with another couple are leading this small flock.  God has been so good!  He is teaching us to be diligent in prayer, to seek His will above our own, and to pour into the lives of those around us.

That’s been since last August.  So what of this week?

Thursday, we had our small church family over for a pot-luck meal of sorts to celebrate the Last Supper.  We talked about the importance of that practice.  Friday, we had everyone back over to watch a couple movies.  The adults watched and discussed Passion of the Christ.  I took the kids into the other room and “watched” Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  Of course, we had popcorn and caramel corn as we watched (and played…and talked…).  Then, Saturday night, one of our friends from church and I got to dye the Easter Eggs for the kids’ lesson for today.  We watched Frozen while we colored each egg and had fun mixing colors!  Today, we prepared the house, made muffins, put out the leftover popcorn, made coffee, put as many chairs as we could find into the living room (including the glider love seat from the back patio), and set up to have everyone in our home to worship our risen King!  What a morning!  Then we all went out for lunch.

Now, I type this as I wait for dinner to finish baking.  Mom’s cheesy potatoes (minus the onions) and a spiral ham in the oven, and veggies steaming on the stove will soon be on our dinner plates!

Can I go sleep for a week now?

The hardest part of this week was being away from my family.  I think this is the first Easter in a VERY long time (if ever) that I have been away from them and not able to celebrate with them.  Such is the life of a pastor and his family, right?  The big holidays, we stay home to “work” and the weekends are hard to travel.  But, I look forward to seeing my family soon.  Love you all and miss you so much!


One thought on “My first Easter as a “Pastor’s Wife”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful servant’s heart, my Dear, and for making the difficult sacrifice. I’m very grateful to call you my wife-for-life, my partner in parenting, and my teammate in ministry. I am a blessed man!

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