Thoughts on Diabetes…

So after reading Diabetes Burnout this year, battling depression, getting pregnant, having all those medical “discussions” with a variety of doctors and specialists, it has been a rough 6-7 months!  However, in that same time period, I have really been noticing that when I take the time to care for my body, things go so much more smoothly!

In January, my A1c was 8.8.  By May 1, it was 8.1.  Progress…I was also 7 weeks pregnant at this point.  By June 4, after fighting the medical battles, I went back on my insulin pump.  By June 12, my A1c was 6.3!!!!  HUGE progress in only a MONTH!  I saw my endo again on July 31, and found my A1c to be 6.1.  Even better.  I’ll take it!  If I can keep it around this level for the duration of my pregnancy and beyond, I will be ecstatic! 

The KEY?  Checking my glucose levels.  I am very thankful for my continuous glucose monitoring system now.  When I am not using that, I poke my poor fingers so often!  But the results are so worth it.  I have to remember to do this. 

So, after the baby is born in a few months’ time, I will need a plan in place to help me maintain this progress.  It will be challenging with an almost-2-year-old and a newborn.  But if I don’t care for myself, who will care for them?  If I am not healthy, how can I keep them healthy?  My purpose and focus no longer include just me.  This is for me, for my family, for our future family. 

So I will keep fighting.  I will keep praying for provision to pay our bills, including all the medical bills.  I am thankful the Lord has brought us thus far.  And I know He will continue to take us further.  So I will walk this road in faith, knowing I truly do NOT walk alone.