I deserve it…but what is it I deserve???

The series we just finished up at church really hit me.  I should say the last message in the series especially hit me.

We use the phrase, “I deserve it!” way too freely.  Thinking about buying a new car:  I deserve it!  Thinking about the job interview the other day:  I deserve it!  The slice of pie, or the 8 cookies I just ate…but I deserve it!

What is it we truly deserve though?  Life owes us nothing.  God owes us nothing.  All He gives to us He gives freely out of love for His creation.  And what does He give us?  Ultimately, judgement if we are apart from Christ.  But He gave us a way to grace and mercy.  Jesus lights the way.  In fact, He IS the WAY!

Every single one of us has fallen short of the glory of God.  We have ALL sinned, in big and small ways.  Covered in the stench of sin, we are filthy rags in the presence of our Holy God.  Until we are cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, filthy will we remain.  Only Christ can wipe the stains and stench away!

So I deserve failure.  I deserve my consequences.  I deserve…none of the blessings I have in my life.  In the past, I turned away from God.  I doubted.  I hated.  I didn’t deserve what I experienced in this life.  Yet He showed me grace.  He held me, loved me, let me kick and scream until I saw His Truth.

Peter denied his connections to Jesus THREE times!  He turned away in the darkest hour.  So when Jesus came back, He came to Peter.  He called Peter for a specific purpose, in spite of the mistakes Peter had made.  And He calls each of us in the same way.

We deserve death, and yet He gives LIFE!  Not just life, but ETERNAL LIFE.  He gives us a relationship with Him if we but choose to follow.  Every time I think of my past, and how far He has brought me, I am in awe.  I turned away, but He never left my side.

And now, here my husband and I are in Champaign, serving our God at Grace Community Church and at Centennial High School.  We don’t know how long He has us here, but we will serve Him in the mean time.

Watch the series “I Deserve It.”  Do it.


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