The Comparison Game…

In this society we live in, it is so easy to compare ourselves to others.  We compare to make ourselves feel better.  We compare and end up feeling worse.  “At least I am better than…” or “I wish I could be like…” can be such dangerous phrases!

For so many years, I did the “I wish I could be like…” I spiraled into an unsafe pit of self-loathing, self-hate, and almost zero self-worth.  I was always pushing myself to be better, to be perfect.  It became an obsession to prove my worth.  I ended up in toxic relationships because I didn’t think anyone could really love me.

Finally, I got a serious wake-up call, and God revealed Himself in a mighty way.  There is so much more to this moment, these series of moments (as I have posted in previous blog posts), but I just want to share this with you right now:

GOD IS ENOUGH.  I will never be enough, AND I am a daughter of the King of Kings, who will ALWAYS be enough.  I can never measure up.  Jesus Christ is the only valid comparison I can measure myself to, and that is simply to realize that I am not perfect, I can never be perfect, and yet His perfection is all I need.  He stands in the gap for me, He covers me with His perfect sacrifice, and is ALL I NEED.  When I am covered by His blood, God sees HIM alone.  None of my faults, none of my imperfections.  He sees His creation, His works, and His works are ALWAYS good.

Enough.  I am covered by enough.  Nothing else matters.  Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to have a relationship with our Father, the God of the Universe.  Thank you for being enough.

Reference Psalm 139, Romans 8, 2 Corinthians 12, pretty much all of scripture to verify these conclusions!  🙂


One thought on “The Comparison Game…

  1. Kara – I found your blog via the Proverbs 31 OBS this morning as I was strolling through the other comments. This post really resonates with me. The constant comparing ourselves to others or wishing we were somehow different – it’s such a dangerous thing! You’re absolutely right that God’s works are always good! He never makes mistakes! And He looks on us with the eyes of a loving Father – to Him we are ENOUGH, BEAUTIFUL, and WORTHY to be called HIS. What blessing and joy there is in claiming that and living it! Thanks for sharing your heart! I look forward to visiting again. Blessings ~ Lisa

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