How did I wake up to this?

This morning, my heart hurts. Yes I voted for Clinton. I am ok with her not winning. What I am NOT ok with is that we have just elected such a hate-filled, inappropriate, childish man who does not communicate well, who does not collaborate well, and who has absolutely NO idea how intense the role of POTUS really is. A lot can happen between now and Inauguration Day, and I pray for our future leader. I pray 2 things: the first, that the Holy Spirit really does a mighty work on this man’s heart and mind to remove the hate, and the 2nd, that a true leader rises up. Whether that is him or another, we shall see. This, though, is NOT leadership.
America, let us pray. for our current leaders, and for those coming into office in the next year. Let us pray for each other, for us to #ChooseKindness. Let us pray for our nation as a whole.
2 Chronicles 7:14: If my people will humble themselves and pray, then I will heal their land.
While I will continue to respect the office, I ask you to pray for me. Right now, I am struggling with the idea of respecting this kind of authority. Scripture reminds us to submit to authority, to respect and honor it. I am struggling. Pray for my heart, for my mind.  Please.
How did I wake up to this as my reality?  How am I surrounded by people who will choose this man?
The vote is dead even.  47% for HRC, 47% for this man.  And yet, the electoral college…
I am not ok with this.  This is the first time I am feel this devastated with the results of a presidential election.
America, how did we get here?  What happened?  How did we end up in the situation we faced on election day this year?  The choices we had…I have no words.
God, we need you.  We need to be humbled.  We need to know that YOU are in control.  We need to trust in YOU, and not a political office.
Well, I guess I am done spewing random thoughts…now I prepare to face my students, and know that what they feared is now the reality we must all face.  You see, I live in a university town, where I have a high population of students who are immigrants, or first generation Americans.  I have students who struggle with their identity.  I have students who struggle with their moral values, and the same actions for which they are disciplined at school are the same ones this man exhibit.  How can I call out these young adults, these teenagers, when their leader…I just can’t even finish that statement.
My heart breaks for us as a nation, my heart breaks for our youth, my heart breaks…