Jen Hatmaker’s Interrupted, Week 1 of our study

Life Group is up and running again!  Fall Semester, my group is reading Interrupted:  When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity, by Jen Hatmaker.  What I would like to do is post our study questions here and allow you all to read along in your own copy of the book and participate here by posting your responses to any or all of the questions I list.  This week’s post is focusing on the forward, introduction, and everything prior to “Phase 1.”  So get ready…HERE WE GO!

Questions about the Forward:  Brandon Hatmaker, Jen’s husband, writes the Forward.  He makes a statement that many of us view change as a threat.  Is it a threat, or is it a fact?  In the changes that come your way, how do you respond?

  1.  How do YOU view change?
    1. Describe a life-changing event AND how God has used it to grow and/or change you through it.
  2. From page XIII:  “…’but to fully appreciate what the missional church is, we must look outside of our traditional understanding of how we do church and realign ourselves with the biblical narrative.'”  What does this statement mean to you?
  3. Is there anything God has placed on your heart?  If so, what is it?  What road blocks are in the way to you being obedient to that call?

Questions about the Introduction to the Updated Edition:  This book is “the story of [Jen’s] heart.”  She writes and rewrites this book because of the journey she and her husband took through life.  So…

  1. What is the story of YOUR heart?
  2. Page XVIII:  “Whatever used to be soft and squishy about faith gave way to a stunning urgency and painful acknowledgement of the mission at hand.”
    1. What does this quote speak to you?
    2. Describe a situation you may have encountered that removed the “soft and squishy” faith in your own life.
  3. What scripture verses encourage you to press on in faith?
  4. What truths have you discovered on your faith journey?
  5. In your journey, what has the Spirit revealed to you about your own humanity?
  6. What conflict (flesh vs. spirit) do you bring to the table in this journey?  How do you deal with this conflict?

Questions about Brandon’s Take:

  1. What judgments and prejudices have you overcome or do you need to overcome?
  2. Look up Matthew 9:13.  What does this verse mean?  I encourage you to read it in context of the whole chapter as well!
  3. A personal observation for myself after reading this far:  The work is never done!  This side of heaven, we are always a work in progress.  Never give up, and always lean on God.

Questions about the Introduction:  Jen reflects on how our perspectives affect how we view people, the past, the messages coming at us.  Are you looking through God’s eyes?  Hmmm…

  1. What message does God speak to you repeatedly?
  2. What faith questions have you encountered?

Questions about the Vision of the Austin New Church:

  1.  What jumps out at you about the vision of this church?
  2. What is the Vision at the church you attend?  If you do not attend a church, what would the vision of your ideal place of worship be?
    1. For Grace Community, my understanding of the vision is this: Grace Community exists to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus.  Here is the expanded edition of that:  Grace Community Church

So, read and post away, ladies!  Gentlemen, feel free to do that same…though my life group is a women’s group…  😉