In a world filled with hate…

…may I reflect the LOVE that is unconditional.  Lord, help me!  May I love as You have loved us.  You bestowed Grace and Mercy upon us, ALL people, through Your Son, Jesus Christ.  May I not be selfish with that Love!  May I overflow with what You have given me so that others too may know Your Love!

Where is the blame in these acts of violence?  Society?  Laws? Politicians?  Human Nature?

Where does it stop?  How does it change?  With more gun laws?  With more hate?  With more discrimination?

No.  It starts with me.  It starts with MY HEART, MY MIND.  Lord, if I am to love You with all my heart, all my mind, all my strength, all my soul, then I must love what YOU love:  Your creation, Your people, Your promises.

We as the human race are so broken.  We are prone to sin, to lie, to hate.  It is only through CHOOSING to love that we can overcome those natural tendencies we have.

In the midst of differences, LOVE.  See the beauty and interconnectedness through our differences.  Each of us is a thread in a vast tapestry.  Each of us, as tangled as we may be, add color and texture to the final Image of Grace.  We NEED the different colors, textures, and facets in order to see the Image of Christ in each other.  So LOVE.  Honor.  Extend grace and mercy.

And go.  Encourage others to do the same.

Whatever we do, readers, we do to and for Christ.  Be a vessel.


My New Tutoring Business

Since I am a certified teacher, I thought I would open my doors to students of all ages who may need some assistance with classes.


Areas in which I can assist:

  • Organization of course materials
  • Outlining large projects and breaking them into achievable smaller chunks
  • Supervise and assist students through completion of homework and projects
  • Reinforce and equip students with skills in grammar and reading comprehension
  • Teach and reinforce skills in all levels of elementary and middle school math, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus at the high school level, and basic math courses at the college level.  With some prep time, some Calculus and Statistics needs may also be filled!
  • Assist students in social studies, science (including chemistry and physics), reading, writing, and other courses through senior year of high school

My Qualifications:

  • Bachelors in Mathematics, North Central College and Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, Aurora University
  • 10 years of middle school and high school math education and years of Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Camp Counselor responsibilities with children of all ages

My schedule offers some great flexibility, and my rates range from $10-$40 an hour.  Why the range?  Let me break it down for you:

  • Individual tutoring sessions (one on one, just your child, his/her work, and me working together to set and achieve educational goals) will be $40/hour.  We can break this up into half-hour sessions as well, depending on the attention span of your child.
  • Small and large group tutoring sessions break down according to the number of students present.                2 students:  $30/hour each

            3 students:  $20/hour each

            4-5 students:  $15/hour each

Groups larger than 5 will be on a case-by-case basis, and would be $10/hour per student.  Students in groups this large should be focused and work well with others.  To develop these skills, we can start with smaller groups and work up to larger groups as focus and drive increases in each student. 

Tutoring sessions will be available in my home and at local libraries and/or coffee shops.  Champaign Public Library, Biggby Coffee at Springfield and Mattis, and Panera at Kirby and Mattis are some examples of said locations.  I will bring extra paper, writing utensils, calculators, rulers, scissors, etc. as needed.  Students should bring school books, binders, any worksheets and assignments, and assignment notebooks (students in middle school and above).

If you live in the Champaign-Urbana, IL area, feel free to email me at for more information or to schedule times for tutoring.